Monday, October 16, 2006

Spokesman Review: California Golden Bears are Number One in the Pac-10

Ranking the Pac

By Glenn Kasses

All 10 teams in the West Coast’s top conference are at least halfway through the regular season, and a lot of conclusions can be had from the first half. Here’s how they stand, and not just based on the records:

1. California (6-1, 4-0)

The Cougars seem to think that Cal is the best team in the conference, and they get no disagreement here. The Golden Bears will have to beat USC in Los Angeles, but with that offense they’re capable of it.

2. USC (6-0, 4-0)

The Trojans have to lose sooner or later, don’t they? USC isn’t getting as much credit as it should for winning close games, but this team just isn’t good enough to finish 12-0.

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