Monday, October 16, 2006

Carl Bonnell, Washington's Starting QB Against Cal: Not a Husky Fan Favorite

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Bonnell was the starting QB for the Huskies for two games in 2004 under Keith Gilbertson, with his last start on October 9, 2004 against San Jose State.  He was injured against the Irish in 2004 and did not play at all in 2005 due to a preseason leg injury.  This season he played against Oklahoma, going 5 for 7 for 41 yards and had minimal playing time against Arizona.  He played the final two series against Oregon State this past Saturday, completing two of six passes for 10 yards and he was sacked three times.


Per the blog of Molly Yanity, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Willingham said at the press conference today that true freshman Jake Locker will get more snaps in practice this week, but he would have to “sit down and consider” what would be best for the team in deciding whether to burn Locker’s redshirt year.  Husky fans definitely want Locker to start.


Per Duckfighter Illustrated, a Washington Husky fan site, “The frail Bonnell got some time Saturday and looks to be unprepared for the rigors of playing behind our offensive line against a team like Cal….Playing at Qual-Commie Stadium in Berkeley is a daunting task but nobody expects UW to win anyway. It represents a chance to feel the fire and learn the hard lessons that he is going to have to learn anyway. This year is better than next year. Then Locker can try to lead us to the three wins we need to get a vital bowl game this year. We simply cannot afford to give up on the season, no matter who is hurt, or how hard the task appears. Start the Locker Era now.  Unfortunately, Cal still enjoys paying back the Huskies far too much to let down for this game. Fresh off a desultory whipping of WSU, the Bears will run over our beloved Montlake Mutts for the 5th time in a row. *Sigh*


Tacoma News Tribune reporter John McGrath writes: “Junior Carl Bonnell was summoned in relief Saturday. He had a few minutes to warm up, but Bonnell clearly wasn’t warm to the point of comfortable.  He got sacked more often (three times) than he completed passes (twice). He accumulated more yardage in penalties (15, for intentional grounding) than passing yards (nine, on six attempts).  Nevertheless: If Stanback is unable to suit up for California on Saturday, Bonnell deserves another shot.  But if Bonnell is as ineffective against Cal as he was against Oregon State, the Huskies deserve to be turned over to the best quarterback on their roster.  There isn’t a how-to manual on when to redshirt a freshman, especially a quarterback. Gut hunches are trusted. If the first half of the Huskies’ season went according to form, if they’d have gone 1-5, or 2-4, as most pundits predicted, there’d be no temptation to burn Locker’s redshirt season.

But the Huskies are 4-3, within tantalizing distance of their first bowl appearance in four years. The focus must be on 2006 – not 2007, much less 2010.  Coach Tryone Willingham addressed the redshirt conundrum on the eve of summer camp. Asked if there was a possibility Locker could be pressed into duty, Willingham said sure, especially if there’s a bowl game in the balance.  Unless the prognosis on Stanback’s foot turns out to be more optimistic than replays suggest it’ll be, the coach’s only-in-a-pinch doctrine on redshirts might be tested. Prepare to play Jake Locker, I say. Go with Bonnell, but have a Plan B in place before kickoff.”

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