Saturday, October 21, 2006

ESPN: Troopers protect the coach -- and a little more

By Pat Forde

Jeff Tedford had better keep this to himself.  Don't bring it up at the January coaches' convention. The shame would be too great. Then again, his peers might be too busy pitying him to mock him.  Near as I can figure, Tedford is the highest-ranked coach who endures college football Saturdays without state troopers, city police or campus cops attached to his hips at home games. When his 11th-ranked California Bears enter or exit the field of play, Tedford is just ... out there. No law enforcement in tow. Like he's not as important as a head of state or something.  He has no brawny dudes in flat-brimmed hats to protect him from the pesky paparazzi and polluted hoi polloi. No heat-packing buffer between him and the fawning fans. No poker-faced patrolmen clearing a path to that solemn coaching tradition, the postgame handshake.  "I don't really even recognize it," Tedford said of his sad lack of security. "...I've never been fearful of my safety. I've never even thought about it that much."  Geez, Jeff. You probably drive a Festiva to the country club, too.

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