Friday, October 20, 2006

Daily Cal: Pac-10 QBs Devastated by Injuries

BY Brian Bainum

It’s amazing how much can happen over a relatively short period of time.  Three months ago, Nate Longshore and Joe Ayoob were neck-and-neck in competition for Cal’s starting quarterback position. Three months ago, Pluto was still a planet and T.O. hadn’t overdosed on painkillers only to be saved by his 25 million reasons to live.  Three months ago, in my humblest (and as it turns out, most erroneous) of opinions, the best three quarterbacks in the Pac-10 were Arizona State’s Sam Keller, Stanford’s Trent Edwards and Washington’s Isaiah Stanback.  Keller had thrown 20 touchdowns and racked up 2,165 yards in only seven games in 2005, while Edwards was the golden boy of NFL scouts like Mel Kiper, Jr., and Stanback promised to give defensive coordinators fits with his mobility.  Fast forward to today.

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