Thursday, October 19, 2006

Seattle Times: UW Football Notebook | Gunheim in battle to keep his job

By Bob Condotta

The Huskies breathed a sigh of relief during training camp when junior defensive end Greyson Gunheim went down in a scrimmage with a knee injury, only to learn a few days later it wasn't all that serious. But maybe they exhaled too soon. As the Huskies prepare for a game at California on Saturday, they have opened up competition for the defensive-end spot that has been the Gunheim's since midway through his freshman season in 2004. Gunheim has started 25 straight games. But this week, the depth chart lists him as a co-starter with senior Brandon Ala as Gunheim continues to struggle. Coaches think that might be related to the knee injury. "We think we are playing a really physical football team this week and at times Brandon tends to play a little more physical than Greyson," said UW defensive coordinator Kent Baer. "I think Greyson has been bothered at times by that knee injury he had in camp."

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