Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Thank Slick Rick for UW's success


Assuming that the Huskies would be aglow after a convincing victory over Oregon State, I commenced to meditating over the team's depth chart last week in order to arrive at some unifying theory that might describe the turnaround orchestrated by coach Tyrone Willingham. I found one, one that would be profoundly unpopular with many Washington fans and many members of the national and local media. Then Washington went belly-up at Husky Stadium against the Beavers and suffered the heart-rending loss of quarterback Isaiah Stanback to a season-ending foot injury. The Huskies appeared physically overmatched and poorly prepared in a 27-17 drubbing that wasn't nearly as close as the final tally suggests. In light of that pratfall, which may doom a once-promising season, it seems like an inauspicious time to announce the vindication of Rick Neuheisel and declare him not only blameless for the on-field disasters that befell the program upon his departure but also, curiously, significantly responsible for its modest resurgence.

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