Friday, October 27, 2006

Alumni News: McArthur Making a Difference

Contra Costa Times

RICHMOND - Geoff McArthur took an assistant coaching job at Kennedy High School hoping to change somebody's life.  He changed his own.  The all-time receptions and receiving yardage leader at Cal has experienced some of the very worst that the high school coaching experience has to offer during his three months on the job. He is part of an 0-7 football team that has been hindered by apathy and disorganization. And yet, McArthur says the players have worked their way into his heart. He has found a calling. "What they need is a guide," said McArthur, who graduated from Cal following the 2004 football season and has taken the last two years off from football to recover from a serious knee injury.

"They need discipline and effort. They just don't have the work habits, and it's not their fault. "These are not everyday kids from regular households. They have a lot of family issues. They come from the side of town where a lot of things seem to be forgotten. "This is where I lived." McArthur did not grow up in Richmond

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