Monday, October 30, 2006

SF Chronicle:Cal's best chance is to win Rose bid the old-fashioned way

Jake Curtis

Perhaps, when the regular season comes to a close, Jeff Tedford will educate himself on the BCS's confounding selection process.  "I will at that point," he said, "but now it has no bearing on the team."   For the moment, Tedford has only a vague idea how the pairings for the major bowls are determined, and USC's loss to Oregon State did not clear up the situation. In fact, Cal fans may still be trying to figure out whether the Trojans' loss helped or hurt the Bears' Rose Bowl chances. After analyzing the Trojans' loss from all angles, it seems to be a net loss for Cal's postseason hopes, and the Bears' Nov. 18 game against USC remains pivotal to Cal's Rose Bowl chances.

Tedford has input into the BCS standings as one of 63 voters in the USA Today coaches poll, but he'd have trouble naming any of the Harris Poll's 114 voters, which includes former Cal quarterback Craig Morton, former Cal radio analyst Lee Grosscup, and two former Stanford running backs, Tommy Vardell and Brad Muster. Nor could the Cal coach name the mathematical wizards who operate the BCS's six computer services. And Tedford is among the vast majority overwhelmed by all the permutations involved in the BCS selection process.

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