Saturday, October 21, 2006

San Francisco Chronicle: Huskies finding smoother sledding

Rusty SimmonsBecause Washington finished in the basement of the Pac-10 last season, Tyrone Willingham was the first coach to take the stage at this year's preseason news conference. He didn't waste any time before making what seemed like a bold prediction. "One of our major goals is not to have the 9:30 slot at this meeting next year," he said. The statement doesn't appear like much of a shocker anymore as Willingham is well on his way to turning around a program that had bare cupboards when he arrived last season. "I think the improvement is because we have come together better, and there's more confidence in what (the players) are being asked to do," he said. "That is now reflected in better play in most areas than what we showed last year."

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