Thursday, October 26, 2006

SF Chronicle: Tedford Focuses on Here, Now

Scott Osler

The good news for Cal football fans is that Jeff Tedford isn't looking for an NFL job. He loves coaching the Bears, as opposed to Da Bears, and has happily settled into life on the fault line.  He's in the fifth season of a job that, as it turns out, he does really well and very much enjoys. Tedford says many of his relationships with work associates, boosters and assorted Cal folks have evolved into friendships. “The roots have kind of sunk in," he says. Whew, right?

Another decade of Tedford coaching Cal, that's not too much to ask by fans who endured so much BT (Before Tedford), is it? I apologize for even raising the specter of Tedford ever leaving Berkeley. One must be sensitive to the fact that there are many people who remember when the biggest worry facing Cal football wasn't your Heisman Trophy candidate taking a victory lap in a utility cart.

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