Thursday, October 19, 2006

Daily Herald: Secondary to none

UW defensive backs' coach J.D. Williams, who spent the previous four seasons coaching the secondary at California, is well aware how difficut it will be to throw against the Bears.

By Mike Allende

SEATTLE - The California defensive backfield may give Washington's offense trouble this weekend, but it won't be because the Huskies won't know what to expect. J.D. Williams is making sure of that. The first-year Washington defensive backs coach spent the previous four years as the secondary coach at Cal, where the Bears had one of the Pacific-10's top total defenses. He said his familiarity with Cal is definitely an advantage. "Of course, especially when it comes to personnel," Williams said. "You know habits and tendencies of players because you've coached them. You know their strong points and weak points. It always helps somewhere. But the bottom line is going out and trying to take advantage of their weaknesses."

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