Saturday, September 12, 2009

SF Examiner: Miscellaneous Cal Bears quotes and notes of the week

Rob Calogne

For those of you looking for something new on Thursday, I wasn't necessarily taking the day off--though I could definitely use one.  I was cleaning up some of the work that's been on my plate that I've been putting aside for later. Later came on Thursday.  While going through some of my audio from Tuesday's luncheon, I took the time to put some of the quotes from the day together.  You may or may not have already read some of these quotes in other articles, but hopefully you'll find a few that you haven't seen yet.

"Once I got there, all of my teammates were giving me a hard time.  I didn't really have anything planned.  I just smiled."

- Skylar Curran on his lack of a touchdown celebration on Saturday.

"Whenever you're in the backfield harassing the heck out of a quarterback, you're definitely having fun.  Anytime you get to hit a quarterback, you get to have fun.  It's just something that we love to do as a D-line."

- Cameron Jordan on having fun being in the backfield sacking quarterbacks.

"It was absolutely amazing.  I was pretty excited.  I'll be honest, I was kinda' nervous.  I never had those butterflies."

- Mike Tepper on finally being on the field after his long absence due to injury.

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