Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Contra Costa Times: Tedford remedy: Put Ducks debacle behind him

Jonathan Okanes

After watching the horror film otherwise known as the tape from his team's dreadful performance against Oregon on Saturday, Cal coach Jeff Tedford moved on the only way he knew how — by watching tape of upcoming opponent USC.  That may not have made him feel too much better.  The No. 7 Trojans visit Memorial Stadium this Saturday, and although they already have a loss in Pac-10 play and don't appear to be the dominant team they've been in recent years, they still will provide another challenge for a team already reeling from a devastating loss.

"The only way for me to get past it is to look at tape of USC," Tedford said Monday. "You can beat yourself up over and over and over by laying awake all night long about what you could have done in preparation or travel or meals. You think about everything. Could I have said something different?" One of Tedford's biggest tasks this week is making sure his players' confidence isn't shaken. The Bears were manhandled in every way possible during the 42-3 loss to the Ducks.

"I sit up in my little cocoon up here and stay pretty insulated," Tedford said. "But for them to be out there, a lot of people say different things to them. A lot of people have different opinions about things. And so it's really important that our guys don't listen to all the opinions that are thrown around out there and just focus on next week."

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