Monday, September 21, 2009

LA Times: Is This Finally California's Year?

Chris Dufresne

Is this finally California's year?  It should be, but we've said that before and ended up with Birkenstock in mouth. Two years ago, Cal was on the brink of becoming No. 1 for the first time since 1951 when the Bears let a home game slip away against Oregon State and stumbled to a 7-6 finish.  That year, Cal was No. 6 and improved to 5-0 with a dramatic 31-24 win at Oregon -- so here we go again.

Guess what: Cal moved to No. 6 in Sunday's AP poll and plays in Eugene on Saturday. If Cal can beat Oregon again, the bandwagon bus heads back to Berkeley for an Oct. 3 showdown against USC.  If these aren't the two most important weekends in the recent history of Cal football, they're certainly on the short list. Maybe this is the year the program of "Wrong Way Roy" makes a complete right turn.


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