Thursday, September 24, 2009

Contra Costa Times: Receiver Ross' play is nothing to laugh at

Jonathan Okanes

As a part-time special teams player in 2007, Jeremy Ross wasn't exactly inundated by interview requests from the media. But that didn't stop him from acting as though he was.  Ross often walked off the practice field past an assembled group of reporters waiting to interview selected players and coaches and say, "Not today, guys. I'm busy."  It drew a good laugh from the press corps and nearby teammates. Which isn't surprising, because there tends to be a lot of laughter when Ross is around.

Ross may be one of the Bears' top comedians, but he's also trying to become one of the team's top wide receivers. He emerged Saturday with two pivotal catches during the game-winning drive at Minnesota and is expected to see significantly more playing time now that Nyan Boateng is out four to six weeks with a broken foot. "Sometimes things can get too serious, and he'll say something that will loosen us up," fellow receiver Michael Calvin said. "It's always good, because anything that comes out of his mouth is pretty much funny."  When asked to name the funniest player on the team, Ross sheepishly says he is, although he adds linebacker Devin Bishop is close and also puts defensive end Cameron Jordan in the top three. Ross also acknowledges there is a time to be serious but says his fun-loving personality helps his game.



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