Sunday, September 27, 2009

LA Times: Cal's new appointment with disappointment

Two thoughts to take out of Saturday: Never, EVER trust an e-mail that says you inherited millions, or California football.  The Gummy Bears botched it again, charging out to an early 3-0 lead at Oregon before allowing the next 42 points in a defeat in Eugene that left legions of Cal followers muttering that old Bill Parcells refrain, "You are what you are."  What kind of preparatory work was this in advance of incoming USC? Tie-dye shirt vendors in Berkeley are busy working on the latest prints:

* Cal: "Trying to get it right since Wrong Way Roy."

* Cal: "We're always shaky -- we live on a fault line."

* Cal: "No Heisman Trophy Winners . . . through 2009?"

After 42-3, with all that was at stake, after recovering the opening kickoff and then settling for a field goal after not giving one ball touch to the nation's best running back, what else could you say?  Cal had another opportunity Saturday to show street peddlers and pundits it should be taken seriously. With Mississippi losing Thursday, the sixth-ranked Bears had a chance to move into the top five with USC headed to Berkeley next weekend. But east is always east, west is always west, and Cal is always Cal. Every time the team gets to the brink, it blinks.  In 2003, Jeff Tedford's second year, Cal pulled off a triple-overtime win against USC in Berkeley that some thought foretold the Bears' arrival as an enduring rival to Pete Carroll's budding dynasty. Cal hasn't beaten USC since.

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Anonymous said...

Gregory needs to be shown the door and a trade up for Tedford is a good move after the stadium is complete.