Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Jose Mercury: Tedford, Jackson pass up controversy


Cal Coach Jeff Tedford has made sure the lines of communication are open during the Bears' two-game losing streak. After reading DeSean Jackson's comments that he thought Cal should have thrown more on first and second down during Saturday's 30-21 loss to UCLA, Tedford discussed the situation with his star wide receiver. "I just let him know that I was asked to state my opinion and I felt like we should have thrown more on first and second down," Jackson said. "It was just the way the question was asked. I didn't come out and say we need to throw the ball more. I talked to Coach Tedford about it and we have a good understanding. I have his back and he has my back." Tedford also met with Jackson and fellow receivers Lavelle Hawkins and Robert Jordan after Sunday night's conditioning practice. "If you pose the question to any receiver and say, 'Should they throw you the ball more on first down?' 'Oh yeah, I'd like to have the ball more on first down,' " Tedford said. "It's not that he's being derogatory or a malcontent that doesn't believe in what we're doing. It's just the way questions get posed to you sometimes." Tedford also pointed out that the Bears actually threw more than they ran on first down against the Bruins. Tedford said the breakdown was 17-10 in favor of the pass, but a review of the official play-by-play has 17 pass plays and 13 rushes on first down.

•One of the devastating wildfires just north of Los Angeles  ripped through the back yard of the family home of quarterback Nate Longshore of Canyon Country.  "My brother and uncle were out there with garden hoses fighting it off," he said. "My mom gives me updates on what's going on. It's pretty scary. At the same time, I have faith in the firefighters and everything."

• Longshore said his right ankle continues to improve and that it felt better than expected after the UCLA game. Longshore missed the previous game with an ankle sprain.

• Wide receiver Robert Jordan believes the Bears might play better now that they aren't ranked so high. "I really think it's better that we're the underdog," he said. "I know it's bad that we lost two games, but I think we play better as an underdog. We kind of tensed up. We were No. 2. We felt like we had to win, that we can't lose. We started worrying about the wrong things." But Cal guard Brian De La Puente said the Bears should welcome the higher expectations that come with a lofty ranking. "We want to win every week," he said. "If you're winning, you're going to get that bulls-eye. Essentially, we want that bulls-eye on our chest. We want to be a national force. I still think we are. Now that we lost two games, that bulls-eye is off a little bit. But we're still a great team."

• Jordan, who missed the UCLA game with a sprained shoulder, practiced Wednesday and didn't seem to be limited. Tedford expects Jordan to play Saturday at Arizona State.

• Defensive end Rulon Davis, who has missed the past four games with a sprained foot, practiced in full capacity but Tedford said he is still sore and his status for Saturday is uncertain.

• Defensive back Marcus Ezeff's quad injury has worsened, and is on crutches. Tedford said he's out Saturday but didn't know his long-term prognosis.





Christopher Neal said...

I’m simply lost for words but I do know that Cal needs a coach the nation loves to hate. A coach that is willing to take risks, a coach that has enough integrity to bench a an injured player and use his back-up quarterback (at least Riley can scramble). Tedford has had some great players in the past few years and a strong defense but most of those players have either graduated out or went to the pros, now his true coaching is exposed. Tedford is a good coach but good does not win national championships. Cal needs a Les Miles, a Pete Carroll, a great coach who can take you to the nationals. Cal will never go to the Rose Bowl or the BCS Championship with Tedford because he gets out-coached in crunch time. If Cal wants a national title they need to acquire the players and coaching staff to get the job done…period. This is the most horrible football performance I’ve seen in a long time. I bet Grant High School in Sacramento, CA., or De La Salle could give Cal a pretty good fight after what I saw last night against ASU…horrible Cal football, what an embarrassment to U.C. Berkeley.

Anonymous said...






Emerald Bowl or bust!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks, CN. I was pretty down after the game, but your comically out of control crapathon made me laugh.

There is no way I'm happy with how this season has gone, with the single exception of the UT game -- the only game in which we looked sharp. We played Oregon tough enough to win, but didn't look so sharp even in that one. This isn't the team we've had in previous years, but our 5-0 start had us looking way ahead of ourselves.

Fire Tedford? That is SO idiotic I can't even tell you.

My big compaint against Tedford is that he is a bit too reactive. He claims to learn things from single experiences. He's got to learn how to handle a team with high expectations. He's been great as the underdog, overachieving with teams that surprise people.

Don't get me wrong: I think Riley will be better than Longshore, and I was wishing for him on Saturday.But I trust Tedford knows what's up.

The fact that we are in a position to want a fantasy coach who rotinely takes a team to championship games is Tedford's doing. Carrol couldn't do what Tedford had our Bears do in Eugene.

I just want to win two more games this year: USC and Stanford. I'd be happy for more, but those will do.

Go Bears.