Monday, October 08, 2007

Press Enterprise: UCLA Notebook: Olson gets MRI on knee today

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Two Weeks for Cal

As if the Bruins' quarterback situation were not bad enough for those in Westwood to be happy about having a bye week this week, UCLA's next opponent is another reason.  The Bruins host second-ranked Cal on Oct. 20 at the Rose Bowl, which will allow the Bruins to have two weeks to plan for the Bears and their high-powered offense, which includes DeSean Jackson, one of the nation's best big-play receivers.   "We've got to forget about this one quick and get ready for Cal, and we'll need that extra week, because that's a good football team," defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said.

Walker was asked if he would use this as an emotional healing week for a defense that played lights-out Saturday, allowing 140 total yards, but was given no help by the offense.

"We better worry about the scheme, too," Walker said Saturday night. "Cal has a very good offense. They have a good receiver, a good quarterback and a good running back.

"Shoot, they aren't skipping a beat offensively," he said. "I can't wait to go to sleep so I can get in the office tomorrow and start game-planning. They are going to be a (heck) of a challenge for us."

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