Friday, October 05, 2007

Fox News: Hey Protestors! Make Like a Tree and Leave

Here is the link.

By Greg Gutfeld

So a judge is ordering protesters sitting in an oak at U.C. Berkeley to make like a tree and leave — or wind up in jail. The protesters are pissed that the school plans to remove some trees to make way for an athletic center — something they'd never use because they don't allow rainsticks. I love this story because it illustrates some essential truths about protesters.

One: They need to grow up. The head protester, David Galloway, is 36 years old. It's must be great for his parents to know that, as their son reaches middle age, he lives in a tree. And it's not even a tree house. He's more like a tree squatter.

Two: Protestors don't care about people or trees! You see, school officials have become very worried about the amount of human waste dropping from the oaks. Think about that! It's disgusting. Crap shouldn't grow on trees and it shouldn't fall from them either. And I'm sure if these trees could talk, they would plead for a match.

Three: This is private property and these conduits for crabs have no right to be there. Imagine if some middle-aged dude in a mesh tank top and torn culottes moved into a tree on your front yard. He'd be in my basement before breakfast.  The fact is, the university was too scared to deal with this sooner — proof that the P.C. mindset is still kicking in academia. Instead of handling these ass-hats with kid gloves, I say, Taser them and Taser them often. If you won't do it for the students, then do it for the trees. And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

Dass ist mein Darmgefuehl!


Anonymous said...

A posting by FOX NEWS? Thats despicable..

Anonymous said...

"you're worse than Hitler." ?

Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i can't believe you posted this b.s.

take it off asap, I am pretty much unable to handle this emotionally charged blather. It is almost as bad as getting yelled at by a drunk Tenn fan after our play out there last year.

Anonymous said...

get over it!
If the sports program is going to grow we need to cut down those trees,besides, for every tree they cut down the school will plant several in it's place.

It's f ing embarrassing us in front of the whole nation to know that we have ppl shitting in our treeline!
get over it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for sensorship, but have to agree that, even though I side with th University and NOT with the protestors, this article is crap. Post a link if you like, and label it something like "Blithering Idiot wants protestors to go" and let your readers decide. Or even take out the value judgment and just call it a Fox article. But your post reads like an endorsement.

Dave said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "value judgment"....I simply posted the article as-is, without an endorsement or added commentary. I think it's interesting to read all viewpoints, even extreme ones like this.

Anonymous said...


Post whatever you want on YOUR blog.

Everyone else can go to H-E-double hockey stick!

It they don't like your blog they can stop visiting.

What a bunch of immature babies.

Keep up the great work...GO CAL!!!

Anonymous said...

"Post whatever you want on YOUR blog."

Good point. haha