Friday, October 16, 2009

SF Examiner: Mychal Kendricks on UCLA - 'We're going to win this week'

The weather was much nicer Wednesday, allowing the Golden Bears to hold their practice at Memorial Stadium. They'll practice again Thursday before getting on buses and traveling down to Pasadena for their contest against the UCLA Bruins.  One of the things that the Bears are trying to do is translate their practices to the games. On Tuesday, Mychal Kendricks admitted that some of the problems they've had is that they've been too tight during games.

So, in order to start playing more relaxed and loose on game day, the team has been implementing a little more interactions after practice that help give them a little more 'swagger', as Kendricks called it.

While talking to reporters on Tuesday, Kendricks stated, "We can't lose again and I don't think we are either. Actually, I know we're not."  Obviously, that's a quote that reporters can't get enough of, so he was asked why he was so confident that they wouldn't lose again. "Because we can't," the Pac-10's leading tackler flatly stated. "We can't. That's gonna' be my answer to every game. I don't think that we're gonna'--we're not gonna' lose. That's going to be my answer forever."

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