Monday, October 26, 2009

Contra Costa Times: Scolding Ignites Cal Defenders

Gary Peterson

It's one of the oldest passages in the football coaching bible, and one of the most revered: Never express unconditional satisfaction after a game. Even a blowout. Especially a blowout.  Thus, the aftermath of the 49-17 power wedgie which Cal administered to Washington State on Saturday was as predictable as the game's outcome. The first chance coach Jeff Tedford got, he played the "If That's The Best We Can Do, God Help Us All" card.  And the first chance he got was when he was asked about his team's defensive play.  "I felt like we got sloppy with our fundamentals," he said, recalling the final 11:14 of the second quarter when the Bears saw their 35-3 lead whittled to

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