Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SF Chronicle: Linebacker Kendricks surprisingly confident

Ron Kroichick

Cal's players, rejuvenated by their bye week - much needed after consecutive blowout losses - now have their gaze fixed firmly on Saturday's game against UCLA at the Rose Bowl.  The Bears once dreamed of spending Jan. 1 in Pasadena, but those visions essentially vanished with deflating defeats to Oregon (42-3) and USC (30-3). Even so, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, the Pac-10's leading tackler (9.2 per game), peers toward the Bruins with striking confidence.  "We can't lose again, and I don't think we will, either," Kendricks said Tuesday. "Actually, I know we're not. ... We're going to win this week."

That seems like bold chatter, given how thoroughly the Ducks and Trojans shredded Cal - to the tune of 72 points and 981 yards. The Bears, so impressive in winning their first three games of the season, were equally abysmal in dropping their past two.  But a week away from the fray convinced Kendricks, at least, that Cal quickly can right its suddenly wobbly ship.  "It was just us," he said. "It wasn't anything they particularly did. Everything we did was on us - wrong fits, wrong assignments. It's nothing that can't be fixed."

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