Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SF Examiner: Cal Bears practice must go on - storms will only be a hindrance

Rob Calonge

With the stormy weather that has hit the Bay Area, the Golden Bears football team is going to have to improvise on their plans for practice. The emphasis is that they will be practicing no matter what the weather is like.  In Tuesday's media luncheon, head coach Jeff Tedford emphasized that they have to do just that. "We have to practice, we can't not practice," said the coach, who is attempting to prepare his team this week to face the UCLA Bruins on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

Originally, the Bears were going to practice on Cal's Witter Rugby Field due to the field having grass--which is the same surface they'll be playing on Saturday.  The problem with grass is that playing on it in the rain could lead to injury. "I hope we don't get hurt. We aerated that field a couple of weeks ago, so I was hoping that the drainage would be a little bit better," said Tedford. At the time, he hadn't had a look at the field.

When he finally looked at it, he must not have liked what he saw because the practice site changed after the luncheon. Instead, they held practice at Cal's Recreational Sports Facility on campus. Said Tedford about the change of venue, "We have a lot of work to get in for the UCLA game and practicing on our field today was going to make it very difficult to have a productive workout."

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