Friday, October 30, 2009

Contra Costa Times: Jordan is Bears' energizer

Jonathan Okanes

When their son started first grade at Anderson Elementary in Eden Prairie, Minn., Steve and Anita Jordan had a message for his teacher. It seemed Cameron Jordan had an extra wealth of energy and may need some special attention. "We told the teacher that he's a smart kid, but he's not the traditional kid," Steve Jordan said. "Don't expect him to sit in the chair all day and do his work. He may need to get up and move around. He has all this energy he has to burn. "So the teacher would let him get up and go to the back while she read to the class. Everybody is sitting  down around the teacher and he's bouncing off the walls."

Word is Cameron Jordan can actually stay in his seat now for an entire lecture at Cal, but he's still a man on the move — mostly moving toward opposing quarterbacks. The junior defensive end is coming off a 21/2-sack performance last week against Washington State and hopes to continue that production when he returns home Saturday for a date at Arizona State.  "I don't think he's still bouncing off the walls, but it wouldn't surprise me," said Steve Jordan, a former Pro Bowl tight end with the Minnesota Vikings. "He's mellowed on that. But he gets bored. For him, boredom means he needs to be entertained or learning something new."

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