Friday, October 09, 2009

SF Examiner: Don't expect many 'tweets' from Tedford and other Cal bye week notes

Rob Calonge

After Thursday's practice, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford met with the press to discuss the team and what they've been doing during their bye week.  According to Tedford, practices this week have gone really well. What hasn't been going well are some of things said/written about him and the team. "I try not to read it," said Tedford when asked about some of the criticism he gets.

He was good-natured about being questioned on criticism by deadpanning, "I didn't look at it. Thanks for telling me." Then, with a chuckle, he asked for names, "Who is it? Tell me who it is." It was a lighthearted moment in what could've been a tenuous situation, but he was also frank in his answer too.

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