Saturday, September 12, 2009

USC Quarterback Matt Barkley is a DICK

Here’s a quote from the Chronicle, which you can read here, about the next Todd Marinovich:

“Matt Barkley has been called cocky for his comments after USC's 56-3 victory over San Jose State on Saturday. Barkley was asked by a reporter what he had learned about himself as a quarterback.  "That this is fun. This is easy. This is what I was made to do," Barkley said.  Was there anything that was difficult?  "The run up the tunnel at halftime," he said. "That was brutal."

Barkley, who turned 19 on Tuesday, is the first true freshman to start the season as USC's quarterback. Of course he is cocky. And smart - he graduated high school after the first semester of his senior year so he could go through spring drills with the Trojans.  He was 15-for-19 for 233 yards in his debut and says he's ready for the 105,000 screaming Ohio State fans.  "They can say what they want. It won't affect me," Barkley said. "Bring it on. I'll imagine they are cheering for me."  We think Ohio State fans will be cheering for Barkley after he throws an interception or two - he fashions himself a gunslinger and won the USC job despite throwing 16 picks in practice and scrimmages.”

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wusty said...

hahaha...who is laughing now????