Wednesday, September 02, 2009

SF Examiner: Excitement building in Berkeley for 'redemption'

By Rob Calogne

Cal football held their weekly media luncheon on Tuesday.  Coach Tedford and a few of his players answered questions about this coming season, and some about last season--mostly to do with the Maryland game. Since the Golden Bears will be facing Maryland in their opener on Saturday, the question of the day was whether or not they were looking for revenge.  The Terp's did halt any talk of Cal being a national contender last season, and many would think that the Bears would be looking for payback.

Not exactly.

"Revenge is a pretty strong word, but I think redemption may be a little bit better, just because we didn't play very well last year," said Tedford.  He went on to explain, "It's not the revenge of what they did to us, it's the redemption of what we did to ourselves."

So what is it that the Golden Bears have to do in order to get that 'redemption'?  "We can play better than we played last year at their place," said Tedford.  "So, that's kinda' what we're looking to do.  It still comes down to us.  It comes down to how we've prepared, how we execute, how we hang on to the football, those type of things is what it's gonna' come down to.  It's not so much about what happened last year as it is how we're gonna' play this year."

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