Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Washington Post: Coach Says Maryland Players are Sore, Beat Up

We are in the middle of what Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen calls the “dog days” of camp. He said players are tired, sore, beat up.

“They are looking to get the hell out of this stuff and get ready to play a game,” Friedgen said. “We still have work to do. I told them Tuesday morning: ‘Here is where your leadership shows up. I’m not going to say a word today. Let’s see if you guys can do it on your own.’ Our effort was better.

“I am still pretty pleased with the effort. I am seeing a lot of guys stick their head in there, they are not moving their feet to get over there because they don’t have any feet right now.”

Maryland’s final scrimmage will take place Thursday afternoon. This one will be closed to reporters, so we’ll only get statistics afterward and talk to players and coaches. Friedgen would like to play four quarters Thursday – the team played three quarters in Sunday’s second scrimmage – but he will wait and see what the injury situation is Thursday. He obviously does not want to get anyone hurt, and players need to start getting their legs back.


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