Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Cal: Fall Camp Day Seven

By Katie Dowd

The Cal offense has been running the reverse with several different players in practice, but when all 5-feet-and-a-generous-7 inches of wide receiver Isi Sofele had the ball in his hands, the play was finally gasp-worthy. In one of the first plays of 7-on-7's on Thursday, Sofele burst up the sideline -- sprung free about ten yards from the line of scrimmage by a block from offensive lineman Mike Tepper -- for an easy score.  With one explosive play, it appeared that Sofele had written the storyline of Thursday's practice as one dominated by the offense. But cornerback Charles Amadi made sure the defense got a piece of the action too.

A few minutes later, quarterback Kevin Riley zinged a 20-yard pass to wide receiver Marvin Jones in the corner of the end zone. Jones turned around to catch the ball, but Amadi reached in to break up the would-be touchdown.  It went like that for the rest of practice.  "It goes back and forth," coach Jeff Tedford said. "Defense made some good plays. Syd (Thompson) covered real well ... Amadi down here in the corner made a good play on Marv. Really competitive. Guys working really well together."

The most interesting portion of practice came in the last few minutes of the day. The Bears ran a two-minute drill (with the clock actually set to 1:30), first with Riley and then with sophomore quarterback Brock Mansion.

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