Monday, August 03, 2009

SF Examiner: Tedford and the Bears getting ready for a challenging season

By Rob Calonge



With only a few days to go before the Golden Bears suit up and take it to the practice field for fall camp, anticipation of another great year at Cal mounts.

According to head coach Jeff Tedford, it won't be easy.  At last week's Pac-10 media day, he was quick to point out, "We play a very tough schedule - our non-conference is going to be tough playing Maryland, Eastern Washington and then Minnesota on the road. Then we play Oregon on the road and USC as our opening five games. I feel like it's a challenging season for us."

A quick look at the schedule and you realize that 'tough' is relevant. Their opening night against Maryland will end up being a payback of sorts when it comes to the scheduling drama of last year.  As you may recall, the Bears played the Terps at 9am California time, and looked as though they didn't wake up for the game.  This year, the rematch is scheduled for 10pm -- Maryland time.

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