Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SF Examiner: Cal football shakes the rust in offense versus defense scrimmage

By Rob Calonge

The Golden Bears held a team scrimmage Tuesday night that pitted the offense versus the defense.  The point of the scrimmage was to get a good look at some of the less established Bears and help determine the overall depth chart going into the season.

Details of the outcome, as far as roster positions goes, were not evident right after practice.  "I need to watch the film before we can do that," Coach Tedford explained.  He went on to say, "We're gonna' do that tonight, tomorrow, have a good evaluation process on some of the young guys there of course.  So, I can't tell you right now until I watch the tape and look at them all."

When he goes to look at tape, he should find that Brock Mansion's offense had less trouble reaching their goal than any of the other offenses.  The issue wasn't the quarterback as much as it was his protection and ground game.  Kevin Riley didn't have Chris Guarnero snapping to him on the day and it was evident in a fumbled snap and a couple of slips when dropping back to pass.  Riley was swarmed for most of the afternoon and was put in 3rd and long situations throughout the day.  When Riley did have the time, he was on target and throwing for touchdowns.

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