Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SF Examiner: Riley the Favorite as QB

Glenn Dickey

Kevin Riley has the inside track to be the starting quarterback for the Cal football team this fall, stabilizing a position that has been in turmoil since Aaron Rodgers left.  Coach Jeff Tedford said this spring that Riley’s mechanics were out of whack last season, which caused his inconsistency. He gave Riley some instructions on what to work on and Riley has been throwing the ball with consistency, both in the spring and the early workouts this month, including the two I’ve watched.

“It’s clear that he’s done a lot of work on his own,” Tedford said after the Saturday workout. “No quarterback is perfect [indeed, Tedford had reminded a writer who wondered why the quarterbacks sometimes followed a good play with a bad one that: “Even Joe Montana missed at times”], but what you look for is consistency.”  Tedford said he probably won’t name a starter until the middle of next week, but Riley was the starter coming out of spring ball and is still the starter.

“If he continues to improve, yeah, I’d say he’ll probably be the guy,” Tedford said. The quarterbacks behind Riley — Brock Mansion and Beau Sweeney — have also looked good, but Tedford said that Riley’s experience gives him the edge; he’s a junior and has played parts of two season while Mansion, a sophomore, and Sweeney, a redshirt freshman, have not. “We should be in good shape at that position for some time because of the youth,” Tedford said.

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