Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Cal's Tedford Appears Complacent


What I’m about to tell you is the truth. I pinkie swear.  It was the Bay Area College Football Media Day at a downtown San Francisco hotel — Cal, Stanford, San Jose State. They put Cal coach Jeff Tedford at his own table crammed with reporters. He was at ease. He talked about going to New York and promoting the Pac-10. He even visited the New York Times.  After a while I said, “Jeff, do you have anything to prove?” To which Tedford replied, “No. I don’t look at it that way.”

He didn’t just say “No.” He declared “No.” He blasted “No.” It’s like he was saying, “Me, Jeff Tedford have something to prove? Hell, no.”   All respect to Tedford, who resurrected the Golden Bears’ moribund football program. But everyone has something to prove. Every day he wakes up, President Obama needs to prove he’s an effective president who can deal with our economy and win that war in Afghanistan. Tedford, who earns millions every year, has nothing to prove? He may be the only football coach in America — the only employed person — with nothing left to prove.  When I asked if he has something prove, he could have thought — should have thought — this reporter is raising a tough topic; but he’s giving me a chance to preempt him.

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Anonymous said...

tedford said the goal for the team was, as always, to win the rose bowl, and nothing short of that is considered a success. this is a poorly-written article by a lazy columnist who hasn't done his research. it was taken out of context as well. he didn't say "no." he said, "no, i don't look at it that way." and went on to clarify his position. why you're still focused on the fact that he said "no" is beyond me. no wonder you're writing for a santa rosa newspaper. go cover sonoma state, and leave journalism to people who know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

tickets for cal/nevada are still available through the nevada website for pretty cheap. let's pack 'em in, bears!

Anonymous said...

The article is lame.