Sunday, August 08, 2010

Daily Cal: Fall Camp, Day 1

Ed Yevelev    

Cal's first fall practice ended up running over schedule, meaning that interviews with players were cancelled because they would have cut into post-workout activities.  The main reason for the delay was the team's new location for showering and dressing up - located past Memorial Stadium and near Witter Field - as a result of stadium construction.  "To have to go there and then go back, there's a lot of back and forth with it," coach Jeff Tedford said after practice.

"So our timetable is very tight right now. That's why we're sending the players in a hurry up because they have to get up, get treatment, get a shower, get back and eat dinner, and be ready in an hour and 15 minutes for a team meeting."  The rest of the helmets-only session went smoothly and predictably - which, from the standpoint of the Bears' receivers, meant that Marvin Jones was catching everything in his sight.  Whether he was leaping in the air for rainbows from Kevin Riley or tracking down passes over his shoulder, the junior wide-out made every grab seem routine. "Marvin's the same old Marvin," coach Jeff Tedford said after practice. "You know what you're gonna get .. He's very solid. The thing about Marvin, he's a great leader so he's taken these young guys under his wing and spending time with those guys."  As was expected after Signing Day, Keenan Allen was one of those new pass-catchers at Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

A touted high school safety, the 6-foot-3 Allen took all of his reps with the wide receivers during the first practice, showing smooth strides and looking very comfortable catching the football.  "He's a really good looking player,"Tedford said. "He's got great range, he's physical."  Allen also took some time to catch simulated punts from the JUGS football machine.  He was joined at the machine by Bears' four other receiving recruits: Kaelin Clay, Terrance Montgomery, Tevin Carter, and Coleman Emond.

Running back Isi Sofele also fielded the mock kicks, along with defensive backs Josh Hill, Darian Hagan, and Steve Williams.

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