Sunday, August 15, 2010

Contra Costa Times: Practice Moved to Monte Vista High

Jonathan Okanes
Never mind that the sun was shining bright over Memorial Stadium on Sunday. After negotiating through another Candlestick Park-like evening practice Saturday night, Cal coach Jeff Tedford decided to play the percentages and take his team to a place where the odds were better that the sun would shine.  The Bears moved practice Sunday to Monte Vista High-Danville, where Tedford's sons, Taylor and Quinn, once played. Quinn is currently a wide receiver at Cal.  The weather cooperated with a bright, warm afternoon. Much of training camp so far has been cold and windy in Berkeley.
"I was just really afraid that the day we would come do this it would be cold here and the hottest day of the year in Berkeley," Tedford said. "But it worked out really, really well. We got out of it what we need to get out of it."  The Bears have been hit hard by hamstring injuries during camp, and Tedford believes the cold weather is to blame. Prominent players such as running back Shane Vereen, safety Sean Cattouse, wide receiver Alex Lagemann and linebacker D.J. Holt all have missed time with hamstring problems.
Tedford said it's also important for the team to practice in different conditions, and over a week had gone by without any warm weather in Berkeley.
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