Thursday, August 19, 2010

SF Chronicle: Practice Update

John Crumpacker
Must be football season. I hoofed it up to Memorial Stadium yesterday and a crew was putting up the video board for the 2010 season. It's the same one that's been in use for the last several years, but this is the last season it will be used.  After the Bears play at AT&T Park in 2011, they will return to a retrofitted and gussied-up Memorial in 2012, with a new video board.  Question: where do old video boards go?
Coach Jeff Tedford had a little fun at the end of practice today, pitting the offense vs. the defense in a competition involving shooting free throws and throwing footballs through a target zone in a net.  What's next, arcade rides and cotton candy? Bring 'em on. Anything to enliven the tedium of football practice.   Although we reporters haven't been able to watch but two full practices of this fall camp, it seems clear that freshmen will play important roles for the Bears in 2010.
Wide receiver Keenan Allen and cornerback Steve Williams could end up starting while wideout Kaelin Clay and linebacker David Wilkerson are hankering for playing time.
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