Friday, February 05, 2010

SJ Mercury: Quotes from Tedford's Press Conference

Tedford’s general statement:

“I’m really excited. Every year you go in thinking it’s a great class. I would have to tell you, though, this class to me is one that from top to bottom is as solid as any class we’ve ever had here.  “There was a lot of focus put on the linebacking corps and the wide receivers, and that was part of it. But I really feel like they’re great kids. They have a lot potential, a lot of them, to contribute right away to the program. Our coaches worked very, very hard, and I want to give our coaches a lot of credit for landing this class and then also our players, because I think your players, ultimately, when prospects come on campus, they’re the ones who really end up creating the environment for the kids to feel comfortable. Our players and our coaches did a phenomenal job with recruiting these players.”

On how current players affect the recruiting process:

“They’re such a part of it and I make a big emphasis on that with them, that, `Hey, we’re having recruits in, we need you guys to step up and create the atmosphere that these guys can look at to see if this is the right fit for them.’ So, when it comes to signing day, they’re always very eager to see what happened. Just walking through the hall, seeing the all the guys … it provides a boost for the program to know that, whatever we’re ranked in the class … that’s pretty impressive and the kids take a great deal of pride in that as well, and are looking forward to welcoming these guys into our program.”

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