Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Daily Cal: A Look at Signing Day 2010

The Cal football team prepares to sign its incoming 2010 class that could be one of its best in recent memory

By Gabriel Baumgaertner

Ten years ago, it's hard to believe that the average Cal fan could rattle off any prospective Bear unless they saw them play in high school.  Now thousands of fans nationwide clamor for more and more information about players that they have never seen play.  Millions have already logged onto the internet and tuned into ESPN to see the rankings of each school's class. Today is National Signing Day, the day where high school players are first allowed to sign letters of intent for schools that have recruited them to play football.

And believe it or not, Cal will be headlining this new football holiday despite its disappointing 2009 season.

Through the dynamic efforts of defensive line coach and lead recruiter Tosh Lupoi, Cal is in play for several of the most sought-after players in the nation.

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