Friday, February 05, 2010

Contra Costa Times: Cal football program papers over its problems with a good recruiting haul

Cam Inman

BRAVO, Cal, bravo.  The Bears' recruiting haul Wednesday gave coach Jeff Tedford's squadron the shot in the arm it needed, perhaps more so than any other football program in the country. A surprising slew of top-notch prospects — from across the nation, mind you — signed up for Berkeley sojourns despite the Bears' recent struggles. Yep, nothing like a quality signing day to administer an intoxicating feeling of hope. Will it wear off like a five-hour energy drink? Time will tell. But now is a time for the Bears to bask in all the national attention their class is garnering.

Tedford beamed at his incoming 20-member troop. He did not strut around like the big man on campus. Rather, he served as a proud patriarch of a program primed to rise from the embers of another unfulfilling season. "I feel great about this class," Tedford said convincingly while picking up a sheet of paper listing Cal's recruits — most notably wide receiver/safety Keenan Allen and linebacker Chris Martin. Tedford then moved that paper to the side of a table and referred to the invisible elephant in the room: the Bears' 2009 woes. "You look at that and say, 'This stinks.' "

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