Sunday, February 21, 2010

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Does Cable hate Jeff Tedford?

Does Tom Cable hate Jeff Tedford now?  In December of 2008, assistant offensive line coach James Cregg abruptly bolted the Raiders to join Lane Kiffin’s staff at the University of Tennessee, and Cable wasn’t a bit amused.  “I’m pissed,” the Raiders head coach told reporters after learning of Cregg’s defection. “That’s the best way to put it. Quite frankly, that’s the only way to put it.”

Cable went on to explain that he felt it was disloyal for Cregg to abandon the Raiders in the midst of a season, and inappropriate for Kiffin to make overtures at that time.  Now another assistant has flown the coop: Clancy Pendergast, hired just two weeks ago to some vague and unstated defensive position. Pendergast was Arizona’s defensive coordinator when the Cardinals reached the Super Bowl in 2008, but had been fired there and in Kansas City. Cal hired Pendergast Friday as its defensive coordinator.  As much fun as it would be to see Cable and Tedford engage in a war or words — The Debate-y on I-880? — this case is different for a few reasons. One, Cregg directly helped Cable with his pet project, the offensive line, which must have made the perceived disloyalty that much more galling.   Two, Pendergast barely had time to discern the scent of Al Davis’ cologne in the hallways on Harbor Bay Parkway, let alone cement relationships with staff and players; his departure may hardly be noticed.

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