Thursday, September 06, 2007

San Jose Mercury News: Many Lessons Gleaned From Week One

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Cal quote:

We learned that Cal Coach Jeff Tedford learns his lessons.  Tedford acknowledged last week that he bungled Cal's preparation for the 2006 opener at Tennessee, placing too much emphasis on who and where the Bears were playing. The result was a team overwhelmed by the atmosphere and intimidated by the opponent. "As I try to find why we didn't play our best, the first place I need to look is in the mirror to find out where I could maybe have done a better job," Tedford said. "I don't know that's the case for sure, but as I look, that's what I come up with." This year, Cal's preparation was all about Cal - the coaches didn't mention the word "Tennessee" during training camp, according to defensive coordinator Bob Gregory. The result was arguably the finest performance of the Tedford era.

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