Monday, September 24, 2007

Cal vs. Oregon

Cal is ranked 6th on the AP, USA Today, and Harris Interactive polls, while Oregon is ranked 11th on the AP poll, 12th on the USA Today poll, and 10th on the Harris Interactive poll.  The current spread favors Oregon by 4 ½.


Anonymous said...

Seems laughable, but the oddsmakers aren't the same people who vote in the AP, USA Tday, and Harris interactive polls.

According to "The Oddsmaker's Top 25," Oregon is currently rated 9th (up from 16th), Cal 10th (same as last week). So, they see things differently than the other polsters, and the rest of us Bear fans, but at least they are consistent.

And, even though the oddsmakers are good at what they do, they optimize the spread so that the favorites only beat the spread half the time.

But I'm going with the ears. With or without the spread.


Anonymous said...

And by ears, of course I mean Bears. All the way.

Here's a link to the Oddmaker's Top 25: