Friday, September 28, 2007

Oregonian: Halftime Magic

The halftime sledgehammer - that tool that Oregon coach Mike Bellotti used so successfully two years ago to urge his players to pound the opponent into submission - certainly did its job.  This year, maybe the coaches are using a brick - as in, a brick wall - because compared to the first half, the Ducks defense has been positively impenetrable in the second. Consider this... Oregon's rush defense has been porous in the first half. That rubber band defense? Oh snap.

Teams vs. Oregon in first half: 92 rushes, 493 yards (5.36 ypc), 5 TDs.

Teams vs. Oregon in second half: 69 rushes, 166 yards (2.41 ypc), 1 TD.

"Sometimes a good talking to changes things,'' defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti said. "Sometimes an opportunity to settle down and go over things helps.''

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope the team is as idiotic as this little missive. Hasn't Oregon been up -- sometimes way up -- by halftime? Teams may run less because they need to catch up quickly. Some will still run on short yardage situations, whoch could account for the smaller ypc.

Believe in your brick wall. I know what I believe. Forsett will run right through you, and best right around you. Maybe the two of them will run for less in the second half, when we're up by 35 and our starters are resting for next week.

This was supposed to be an all-offenseive show last year, too. Seem to remember our defense got you pretty darned good.

Bring on the game!