Thursday, September 06, 2007

CSTV: Punt At Your Own Risk

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By Adam Caparell

After DeSean Jackson returned yet another punt for a touchdown last Saturday, you'd think coaches would wise up and just stop kicking to the Cal wide out. But heading into his team's game against Jackson's 10th-ranked Bears, it seems as if Colorado State coach Sonny Lubick hasn't quite learned from the failures of some of his peers.  Lubick was quoted as saying earlier this week that the Rams would, "probably punt to him. That's what most of you would like to see. The fans come and pay. I don't want you booing if we punt it out of bounds."  But if he wants any shot at winning, and pulling off the unexpected upset, Lubick would be advised to do otherwise. Indications are Lubick has indeed wised up and the Ram probably won't be punting to Jackson, an especially smart decision considering Colorado State's performance kicking the ball last week.

Colorado State had an awful time on special teams vs.Colorado in their season opening overtime loss in Denver. The Buffalos returned three punts for 62 yards and five kickoffs for 145 yards - including a 68 yarder - against the Rams.  "If they do, they do, and if they don't, they don't," Jackson said. After Saturday's 77-yard highlight return against Tennessee, Jackson now has run back six returns for a touchdown - on just 27 career attempts.  Even Jackson wouldn't punt to himself if he were the one making the calls.

"No way," Jackson said. "Actually, that's a tough question. But I definitely would be smart and have the right coverages in place to contain me." Easier said than done. Just ask the Volunteers.  "My punt return team does a great job of helping me get to the endzone and making great blocks," Jackson said. "Coach Pete Alamar has some good schemes for me out there and from there I just let my natural ability take over."


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