Monday, August 27, 2007

Photos From Fan Appreciation Day

Protester's table outside of memorial. Note that they've spray-painted the steps. Also note that they are Tennessee fans - that's Phil Fulmer there on the table.

Nate Longshore signing his autograph for my son. Nate's trimmed down from last year but has added substantial muscle.

My son with DeSean Jackson.

A photo of one of the tree encampments. There are at least 4 different trees that have tree forts built in them, and there are cables between several of the trees. They've actually nailed wood into several of the trees to build their tree forts. I'm assuming the wood that they used is politically correct timber that was felled by the wind. The protesters on the ground look almost zombie-like. They either were on drugs or fried their brains on drugs many, many years ago. The protesters were rude and confrontational.


Anonymous said...

When I walked by their camp, a hippy/protester was vomiting in the one of the VW vans. Bad food or too much drugs? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Isn't this kind of trespassing? I understand the protest, but making a home in the trees of a public university?! Not too many campuse out there will let you live in the common areas.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's trespassing, but every time the cops throw them out they come right back.

If you'd like full details of all the crimes that have been recorded in the grove by these idiots, I recommend the Cyberbears bulletin board:

For example: