Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chatanooga Times: Vols' Ainge says injured finger not broken

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, at 2:04

By Wesley Rucker

Erik Ainge said Wednesday his injured right pinky finger is not broken and he plans to play against California on Saturday night.. When asked what tests were performed on the nagging injury on his throwing hand, the Tennesee senior quarterback would not answer, saying only, “You’ll have to ask coach (Phillip) Fulmer.”  Fulmer said earlier Wednesday that Ainge would have an X-ray on the injury.


Anonymous said...

I want direct, helmet-on-Ainge's-hand contact during the first quarter. Or perhaps just brush into him. He appears to be quite the daffodil. Surgery in the offseason...pinky problems...does he wear a dress or a uniform? Pussy.

Anonymous said...

yeah, ummm, he wears the ball sacks of your 2006 secondary around his neck as trophies buddy

cal fans questioning an sec player's toughness = ironic

didn't the "toughest" player on your team get knocked the eff out of the game on the kickoff last year?

shut up and prepare to be humiliated...again

Anonymous said...

Your quarterback wears dudes nuts around his neck. Yuck, maybe you guys should head out to frisco and have a special game on polk street!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, of all the making-fun-of-the-opposing-team insults...that's honestly the weirdest one I've ever heard. That was definitely strange.

Anonymous said...

thanks guys, i thought it was creative...and true

edsbs and deadspin commenters have set the bar very high and very far into the scatalogical

please don't yell too loud into those MEGAphones at our guys in orange!

*vol fan quivers and quakes*