Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SF Examiner: Golden Bears Steal Another Recruit From Washington

By Rob Calonge

Maybe 'theft' is a harsh term for what is obviously just a better job of selling.  When kids get into trouble for the tussle they've gotten into, it's common to hear the phrase, "Well, they/he/she started it."  In the case of the recruiting war going on between Cal and the University of Washington, Jeff Tedford could also make that same statement.  So could Steve Sarkisian of Washington. It was bound to happen.  Two schools within the same conference, both having a similar amount of prestige, and in close enough proximity to each other, is going to cause these sorts of rivalries off the field as well as on it.

While the Bears and the Huskies have been Pac-10 rivals for quite some time, it seems that the rivalry has heated up since former line coach Jim Michalczik accepted an offer to be the offensive coordinator of Sarkisian's "best coaching staff in the country."  Soon after, the Bears took the top defensive lineman recruit from the state of Washington, after he had verbally committed to the Huskies.  Rumors of recruits having both teams on their top lists have surfaced since, with each school getting wins over the other.

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