Friday, July 31, 2009

Arizona Daily Star: Cal Excerpts


A recent tweak to the Bowl Championship Series could put an unlikely team in the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl will be obligated to take a team from a non-BCS conference school that has qualified for the BCS — provided either the Pac-10 or Big Ten team is playing in the national championship game instead.  So if USC plays in the national title game, Utah or Boise State or Ball State, for example, could replace the Pac-10 runner-up in Pasadena.  The tweak starts in 2010 and runs through 2013. The Rose Bowl is obligated to insert the non-BCS conference team only once.

"I think it would be unfortunate if we weren't able to have a chance to go to the Rose Bowl," Cal coach Jeff Tedford said. "Our fans, I think, would prefer to go to the Rose Bowl than the national championship. That's the mindset at Cal. There's such a drought there and they're so starved for a Rose Bowl."


Another sign of the economic times: Cal will take a charter bus instead of a plane to face UCLA on Oct. 17 in Pasadena, Calif.  "I don't think that's going to hinder us whatsoever, either on the football field or what we're doing academically," Tedford said.  The trip is about six hours. Tedford said he figured that "it's maybe going to be one more hour" than the Golden Bears would put in to travel to an airport and fly.

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