Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Cal: Q&A with Aaron Rodgers

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By Katie Dowd

As the quarterback for the Cal football team in 2003-2004, Aaron Rodgers guided the Bears to two bowl games while passing for 51 touchdowns and 5,469 yards.  Rodgers was drafted in the first round by Green Bay in 2005 and is now the starting quarterback for the Packers.  After an off-season practice in Green Bay, Rodgers gave the Daily Cal a call and reminisced about his days in Berkeley and shared some of his new experiences as the Packers' quarterback.  

Katie Dowd: You might have gotten a little bit of this at Cal, but obviously you're a bigger celebrity now, especially being in such a devoted fan base. Do you get any weird requests?

Aaron Rodgers: Oh, I got a ton. I don't know how many stories you want me to give you. I've had everything from people showing up on my doorstep last season. Multiple people. I averaged about two (door) knocks per week for a while there. Just random people.

I've had parents send photo albums of their daughters out to me. Also to my parents out in California. With letters attached telling either myself or them why I should be dating their daughter. A lot of parents just trying to pawn their daughters off on me.  Also, crazy requests like one woman asked me if I would be the best man in her and her fiance's wedding. I didn't know them either. Those are some of the highlights. Or lowlights.

KD: Do you come back to Berkeley at all?

AR: I was back this spring actually for a charity event in San Francisco ... I stopped by Cal the next day and saw some of the guys. I'm buddies with Kevin Riley so I saw Kevin.

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