Monday, June 22, 2009

SF Examiner: Cal's Most Valuable Player

By Rob Calonge

Two weeks ago, after reading yet another preseason ranking, I started wondering why these rankings were already being published.  For the magazines, I guess I understand - they have to publish them earlier for the masses to digest in order to make a profit.  It was after reading another web-ranking that I wondered how they could be so confident in their predictions.  It's not lost on me how difficult it is to find new content on your favorite football team this time of year.  I too was once a fan.  So while I'm not disgusted by the number of pre-preseason rankings floating around the web, I felt it incumbent on me to try and bring a little levity concerning the Bears for 2009.

While a team is only as good as the sum of its whole, there are players, and in some cases positions, that carry most of the load when it comes to just how successful they'll be.  Being ranked in the top 10 right now, isn't going to bring Bear Backers a Rose Bowl trip. So, after listing nine of my top 10, the moment has arrived to announce the most valuable Bear in 2009.  Drumroll please... The No. 1 MVB of 2009 is...Jahvid Best.  Is there anyone really surprised?

Here’s the link to the rest of the story.

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